Step by step instruction of QnA Maker configuration then Train it based on Dynamics CRM Sample Data Knowlegedbased artciles

1                                QnA Maker

Build, train and publish a simple question and answer bot based on FAQ URLs, structured documents, product manuals or editorial content.

In my try, I used Sample Data of Dynamics CRM online  for Knowledged bases. You can skip it and copy-paste any text or KBs.

1.1                            Configuration

· sign in to the service.
·        Create a QnA Maker Service by clicking “Create a knowledge base” menu item.
·        A from will display then click “Create a QnA service” button under “Step 1“

·        A Windows is pop up. the Microsoft Azure main page is loaded with the current account (If you have login problem, you should contact Microsoft Support to review Microsoft Azure subscription)

·        Fill the fields and click create.

·        QnA Maker Creation may take some time. You can follow the progress from the menu.

·        Once Deployment finalizes, Click Resource Group from the menu in the left.

·        QnAMaker screen will open

·        Go to QnAMaker main pages that is described in bullet 3. You need to refresh the page in order to retrieve newly created QnAMaker Service so portal will automatically populate QnAMAker service in Step 2.

·        Give a name to the KB in step 3.

·        Leave rests default then
·        Click “Create your KB” in Step 5. System will start to create KB instance in the Azure. It may take some time.
·        Wizard will open QnA Maker Knowledgebase application page automatically. If it does not open. Follow next step below

1.2                            Train

· sign in to the service go to “My knowledge bases” from top menu.
·        Find the KB that is created before and click to open it.
·        Open Dynamics CRM> Service> Knowledge Article.

·        CRM will open Customer Service Hub popup window.
Notice: Popup blocker must be set properly for the CRM URL.

·        Open the first one by clicking the row
·        Go back to QnA Maker Knowledge base section which is already opened before then click Add QnA Pair from menu in the right
·        A row will be created. Copy-paste title and keywords of the article from Dynamics CRM to the first column (Question) (click + for more keys) then copy - paste article content to the right column (Answer).
·        Repeat last 4 steps for all articles in Dynamics CRM.Because, I could not find any interfaces to import KB to the QnA .
·        Click Save and Train from the menu (top right)
·        You can Test it through menu item.
·        Publish KB from the menu.

enjoy !


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