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Hey blog, I have a question :) ... increasing interactivity of your blog by utilizing Microsoft Azure QnA Maker

Hello, 26th of March, 2020 - though days under Corona pandemic Today, I am going to share all details about adding funny feature into my blog for anyone who are suffering a technical problem and want to see how did i sort it out under the same situation :). It has been more than 13 years keeping "things" of computer world in public area . There are up to 120 posts that address technical issues with solution,workaround or instructions or articles for I.T lover. In this article, you will see QnA Service creation Moving posts from my blopgpot to the QnA Engine as a Knowledge base for training and processing Sending question and receiving answer Adding bot to the my blog page. First of all, let me quickly tell you why I chose QnA Maker engine of Microsoft; Create and publish a bot in teams , or elsewhere without writing a single line of code. You can also add personality to your bot using pre-built chit-chat datasets. Extract question-answer pairs from