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How to Create Custom LookUp on MSCRM 30

Creating lookup on CRM.We need 2 text fields on Appropriate CRM Entity and also have to publish on CRM Form invisibly. ( LookupObjects(lookupField, lookupStyle, lookupClass, lookupTypes, lookupBrowse, bindingColumns, additionalParams, showNew, showProp, bPopulateLookup, defaultType, searchString) n ) Javascript code must be run OnLoad Event; function ChangeDisplayPicture(object,OnOff) { var obj = document.getElementById(object); if ( obj != null ) { if (OnOff == 'On') obj.src = '/_imgs/btn_on_lookup.gif'; else obj.src = '/_imgs/btn_off_lookup.gif'; } } function OpenSelectedDetails(namefield, idfield, typecodefield) { // Window resize functions at the beginning and end of the function for Turkish Character Bug in MSCRM window.resizeBy(2,2); nameObject = window.document.forms("crmForm").elements(namefield); IdObject=window.document.forms("crmForm").elements(idfield); TypeCode=window.document.forms("crmForm").elements(typecodefield); i