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LUIS - Language Understanding Intelligent Service - step by step instruction

LUIS Here is the definition of LUIS for Microsoft; " LUIS is a machine learning-based service to build natural language into apps, bots, and IoT devices. Quickly create enterprise-ready, custom models that continuously improve. " We can use LUIS in our chatbot solution in order to convert human-readable sentences of customer to a machine-readable format. LUIS generates JSON format through utterences from customer free-text input. The ability to understand what your user means conversationally and contextually can be a difficult task, but can provide your bot a more natural conversation feel. Language Understanding, called LUIS, enables you to do just that so that your bot can recognize the intent of user messages, allow for more natural language from your user, and better direct the conversation flow. This topic walks you through setting up a simple bot that uses LUIS to recognize a few different intents. Here are the step by step instructions of LU