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"The Service IVsTaskList must be installed" and "method is not supported" error messages while loading Crm Package solution in Visual Studio 2022

 Hello, I'd like to share an issue with the solution i faced today. Short story :  I just installed Visual Studio 2022 Profesional to work on PlugIns of one of my existing Dynamics CE solutions after 4 years. It was developed in Visual Studio 2017 Professional and contain CRM Package project which throws an error.   After installing  Power Platform Tools for VS 2022  successfully, Visual Sudio 2022 Profesional was able to convert and load other projects successfully but only CrmPackage.  I got below messages through 2 seperated pop-up windows;   The Service IVsTaskList must be installed Method is not supported  (I could not copy neither full messages nor screenshoots :( )  After spending 2 hours for investigation, I saw that manipulating CrmPackage.csproj file works magically.   Edit on 07th of June, 2024 : Version can be 4.7.1 Hopes, it saves hours, good luck.