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retrieve columns from LinkedEntities in Microsoft CRM 2011

Hi, You prepare QueryExpression and add some LinkedEntities then you want to retrieve fields from linked part.Just follow the sample;  QueryExpression query = new QueryExpression()                     {                                         ...                                         ...                     };                     FilterExpression filterTicket = new FilterExpression();                     ...                     query.Criteria = filterTicket;                     //all about ticket                     query.LinkEntities.Add(new LinkEntity("contact", "new_new_ticket_contact", "contactid", "contactid", JoinOperator.Inner));                     query.LinkEntities[0].EntityAlias = "contacttoticket"; add alias to reach the fields                     query.LinkEntities[0].Columns.AddColumn("new_ticketid"); add column names to the same level of LinkedEntity to obtain later...