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how to backup a database from clients via Windows PowerShell

You may need to backup a database remotely via Windows Power Shell. First of all, you have to install SQL Server PowerShell applet to local machines. to verify if Applet exists: 1 - Open Windows PowerShell (It is highly recommended to open it with Administrator) 2 - Enter sqlps, if you get an error about unrecognized command. You have to install SQL Client tools or any other feature from SQL Server Installation Disc. (Feature based installation covers necessary Power Shell Scripts) Second, execute below commands over Windows PowerShell to backup a database; PS C:\Users\[....]> sqlps Microsoft (R) SQL Server (R) PowerShell Version 12.0.2000.8 Copyright (c) 2014 Microsoft. All rights reserved. PS SQLSERVER:\>; Backup-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance dbaseServer050 -Database CrmOrganization_MSCRM -BackupFile \\ShareMap\BackupTemp\CrmOrganization_MSCRM.bak PS SQLSERVER:\> Good Luck...

you face "ISV code aborted the operation" when you change status of the any record in Dynamics CRM 2013

Hi,    You may get an error as "ISV code aborted the operation" when you set "activate" or "deactivate" of any record. it seems that because we’re not actually performing the status/state change action directly on the record . The event itself does “bubble up”, though, so stopping the status change also rolls back the entire transaction and none of the fields on the records being the targets of the operation change in the dirty form  ( .getDirty() -> true).  That’s the important part, after all.