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How to use Azure Active Directory for Dynamics 365 on-premise -> tight relations among Azure Active Directory <-> Local Windows Server 2016 (not Azure Virtual Machine) <-> Dynamics 365 CRM On-premise


Do you want to use local windows servers and your Dynamics CRM on-premise with Azure Active Directory?

- No need to have local Active Directory-

if yes, just follow the pdf document of mine.

I describe all steps literally by providing screenshots in order to make it easy.

The study covers:

Installation and configuration of Azure Active Directory Domain Services Installation and configuration of Azure virtual network gateway Certificate generation for Point-to-site Point-to-site Configuration VPN preparation for Client (local Windows Server 2016)  Subscribing Windows Server to the Azure Active Directory TenantInstallation and Configuration of Dynamics CRM 365 Version 9 on-premise

Azure Active Directory - Windows Server 2016 - Dynamics CRM 365 on-premise.pdf

hopes, it is useful at least one person in the world ! :)

enjoy !

Note: I am going to generate couple articles in html format soon so stay tuned,