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set Not For Replication True via Stored Procedure

Some administrator may not prefer to use SQL Server Management Studio for the strictions such as timeout or following Foreign Key exists; To set or UnSet "Not for Replication" property of any column you want to use in Replication; DECLARE @ObjectID INT = OBJECT_ID('dbo.tFileProvider') //get Object Id exec sys.sp_identitycolumnforreplication @object_id = 246291937, @value = 1 //0 : No ; 1 : yes

Stored Procedure Pattern in SQL Server 2005

Here is a basic stored procedure concept i personally offer to advanced SQL Server users; SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE cur_sor CURSOR DECLARE @CURSOR_FETCH_STATUS INT DECLARE @varible1 as [anytype] ,@variable2 as [anytype],.... SET cur_sor = CURSOR LOCAL FORWARD_ONLY STATIC READ_ONLY FOR SELECT .... FROM ..... /* for Arguments Detail check */ OPEN cur_sor BEGIN TRY BEGIN TRANSACTION FETCH NEXT FROM cur_sor INTO @varible1,@variable2 ,... /* not more than selected columns above*/ SELECT @CURSOR_FETCH_STATUS = @@FETCH_STATUS WHILE @CURSOR_FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN ....... /* INSERT,DELETE,UPDATE ( DML) or any other process */ ....... FETCH NEXT FROM cur_sor INTO @varible1,@variable2 ,... SELECT @CURSOR_FETCH_STATUS = @@FETCH_STATUS END COMMIT END TRY BEGIN CATCH PRINT(ERROR_NUMBER()) PRINT(ERROR_SEVERITY()) PRINT(ERROR_STATE()) PRINT(ERROR_PROCEDURE()) PRINT(ERROR_LINE()) PRINT(ERROR_MESSAGE()) ROLLBACK END CATCH CLOSE cur_sor DEALLOCATE cur_so

comparision executed user role with given

Syntax : is_srvrolemember(SQLServerRole in String) Returns : if user has right for given return will be 1 for example; if (not (is_srvrolemember('sysadmin') = 1)) -- Make sure that executing by SQ. begin raiserror(...) return(1) end

How to call any web page from SQL Enterprise manager as scheduled job

Here is code with VB Script; Dim WshShell Set WshShell =CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Set oExec = WshShell.Exec("C:\\PROGRA~1\\INTERN~1\\iexplore.exe http://localhost/xxxx/app/pages.aspx ") oExec.Terminate() Set WsShell = Nothing Pay attention to terminating iexplore.exe after Job finishes on codes.