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How To add Autocomplete to a Text Field in Dynamics CRM

It might be requested you: when user types texts to a textbox, System helps to user with suggesting some values from couple entities in Dynamics CRM or maybe fetching records from any other resources.

It is very simple, just register your code to the key press event for the object and fill the object with suggested values .

There is supported event for MSCRM engine (it has been so long since i do not call MSCRM :) ) calls : addOnKeyPress - when user presses a key over the object, the event is called for given delegated method

please consider performance and load on the network so;

1- do not fetch data from external resources each time user clicks the key - you can wait for the first 3 or 4 letters from the user
2- never fetch all matching records what user types so far, add "top 20 records" to your fetch method 

Implementation: first of all register the method while loading the form in Dynamics CRM:

 Create a javascript (.js) for each e…