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Hi, DISP_FUNCTION_ID : You should define dispatching map for any method in ActiveX to be used for COM. If the map is not set correctly,Method will not be seen anymore. DISP_FUNCTION_ID gets 6 parameters.These are; 1-class,method belongs to 2-External Method name,value can be method name 3-Dispatch id of method,unique number 4-Method 5- Return value should be one of VARENUM in wtypes.h 6- Parameters value defines in afxdisp.h (space is seperator of each params) for example; DISP_FUNCTION_ID(C_X_OleLibraryCtrl, "GetIDLMsg", 1, GetIDLMsg, VT_BSTR /* return type*/, VTS_PVARIANT VTS_BSTR /* two parameters are seperated by empty*/) good luck, P.S. If you have any comments please do not hesitate share.