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Controller: Exposing HTML Input element events on PowerApps Component Framework


As "addOnKeyPress" event for the text field is deprecated, I wanted to reflect existing code in Dynamics 365 Onpremise edition to Online so I looked around for possibilities. Finally took decision to focus on PowerApps Component Framework.
I developed one PCF control to expose not only OnKeyPress but also common html input events to the customizer in Dynamics 365 Online.
you can download the control for PowerApps application as well as Dynamics 365 from . 

You can set client scripting for following events 

onbluronchangeoncopyoncutonclick   ondblclickonfocusonfocusinonfocusout  oninput onkeydownonkeyuponkeypressonmousedownonmouseenteronmouseleaveonmousemoveonmouseoveronmouseoutonmouseuponpasteonselectonwheel