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Main principal of Technical Design Document (TDD) for Project Deliveries

Technical Design Document (TDD) is mostly used for product and application feature development by realizing of business requirements for solutions (maybe specific problems). I am going to describe some practices of mine to utilize TDD for any deliveries so TDD aim's will be  evolving from definition of general/common solutions for market/sector maybe ecosystem's problems to certain client demand/expectation description. The primary function of a TDD for solution architect (SA) , is to communicate the technical details of the work to be done to the stakeholders who are going to get involved with.  However, there is a second purpose which is just as important: the process of writing the TDD forces SA to organize client expectation/requirement/thought and consider every aspect of the design, ensuring that there are no items/subjects left. I propose you to keep in your mind following bullets while writing TDD for project delivery; PURPOSE OF  DOCUMENT - It is necessary t