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Projects QUBES Secure Operating System

Hi, I would like to share a project based on Linux for building Laptop or Desktop more secure; QubesOS. Project Qubes aims at building a secure operating system for desktop and laptop computers. The stress is on security, which is achieved by exploiting the isolation capabilities of the bare-metal hypervisor (Xen), together with modern hardware technologies, such as Intel VT-d and Trusted Execution Technology. Problems with current operating Systems: Current mainstream operating systems that are used for desktop computing, e.g. Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux-based systems, proved unsatisfactory when it comes to security. The major problem with current systems is their inability to provide effective isolation between various programs running on one machine. E.g. if the userʼs Web browser gets compromised (due to a bug exploited by a malicious web site), the OS is usually unable to protect other userʼs applications and data from also being compromised. Similarly, if certain system core comp