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Installation and Configuration guide of Nuget Server

Hello, If you want to create own Nuget Server, You should install Nuget.Serger package via Empty Web Site type of project in Visual Studio then publish it without typing any code. Open Visual Studio File > New > Project Select "ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework)" under Web node. Give a Project Name, Location if default loc. does not satisfy you. (you may select .NET Framework 4.6 instead of .Net framework 4.6.1, if exists. I faced an error while publishing Nuget.Server to local IIS. You may not see the issue in your try :) ) Visual Studio is going to generate all necessary files for us (thanks :) )  Right Click to Project name from Solution Explorer Find Manage NuGet Packages once you click it, you will see a form. Type Nuget.Server (Visual Studio must connect to Internet) Select "Nuget Server by .NET Foundation"  You will see Install button in the right side (for Visual Studio 2017 - other version may have differences so my message is in