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Bulk Cancellation of Power Automate Flow Runs

 Hello, What if you saw 15.000 items in Power Automate history in "Running" state and there was a notification bar writing performance degradation and also Azure reports clearly identified massive requests due to ineffective nesting loops in a cloud flow and long delays in sub-flow calls . Are you going to delete all one by one? No way :)  I generated below PowerShell commands in order to cancel all runs in a supported way that saved my life. thus generated .ps1 file that contains necessary commands to help me. It takes 2 parameters; Environment Unique Id Cloud Flow Unique Id to be cancelled of all suspended runs.  Note : As you will guess it, Your account should have necessary privilege for the environment and also you should be owner of the Cloud flow. You can set ownership of cloud flow yourself temporary through Command details; First of all, We install PowerShell module of PowerApps and Administrator library then login to the environment with your acco