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importing unicode text records into Oracle 10G(11G)

if you wanna import data file(s) obtaining from seperate data source with known schema to oracle database.You can use sqlldr prompt command in any Oracle Client.You can also create specific file to define exported data maps such as comma or tab seperation with column,namely blablabla.ctl included some commands that will be executed by sqlldr.exe basic sample of control file: file name : tableName.ctl file inside: load data infile 'c:\tableName.txt' into table tableName fields terminated by " " optionally enclosed by '"' (column1,column2,column3,....) use sqlldr in command prompt like that; C:\Documents and Settings\sfssrvadmin>sqlldr db_username/db_password@SOURCED B control='E:\PhysicalDirectory\Sub_Directory\tableName.ctl' ERRORS=200 regards, P.S:Please do not hesitate to share your comments.