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Use PowerApps as FrontEnd channel & Portal for Dynamics 365 CE on-premise through WebAPI calls - step by step

Hello, Welcome to another journey in Microsoft Ecosystem, fasten your seat belt and enjoy ! I am going to describe step by step implementation following scenario in the lab study; Overview Audience condition : It is expected to have familiarity with Dynamics 365 CE entity model, WebAPI, openAPI, JSON, HTTP, Power Platform, MVC patern and Requirement: A solution of mine requires portal capabilities to meet business requirements so First of all, I need to implement Survey to the solution by generating dynamic questionnaire based on model. I chose PowerApps to generate pages based on design in Dynamics 365 CE. Customers may have n type surveys per customer group to collect feedback. Dynamics 365 CE on-premise has necessary model for Survey - 8 custom entities are defined for survey like questions, responses, choices etc. - Architecture :   I have Dynamics CE 365 on-premise engine 9.x at my end and PowerApps free account at Microsoft Azure. A Canvas Application

Unable to get property {Entity Name} of undefined or null reference Dynamics 365 CE on-premise engine 9.x WebApi

Scenario : I want to retrieve record from backend through javascript in Business Unit form of Dynamics CRM by utilizing Web API feature. but when i run following script; Xrm.WebApi.retrieveRecord( "bnb_place" ,  placeId, "?$select=bnb_areaid&$expand=bnb_areaid($select=bnb_areaid,bnb_name)" ).then( function success(result) { return result; }, function (error) { writeMessage(error.message); } ); then I get; Unable to get property 'bnb_place' of undefined or null reference error message. Here is error stack; TypeError: Unable to get property 'bnb_place' of undefined or null reference at Mscrm.XrmUtility.prototype.getEntitySetName ( at Xrm.Utility.getEntitySetName ( at XrmClientApi.WebApi.WebApiPar