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uninstall Oracle11g products from Windows Vista/7 family

Hi, You may not uninstall oracle product in 11g version from windows vista family both x32 and x64.The main reason is based on some new features come from new Windows familiy.One of them is a new Administrator right.You should run any program with administrator right for administrative purpose by right-mouse clicking and select 'run as Administrator'.If not, applications may not execute properly. Anyway if you want to uninstall any oracle from system ,Follow the step: 1-open Command prompt (Start> run> cmd.exe,right mouse click and select 'Run As Administrator') 2-Go to home directory of de-installation programs from ' C:\Windows\system32>' . (if you do not have follow link : ) 3-set home path of un-installing product 4-execute deinstall with parameter of uninstalled products home directory 5-you will be asked for Windows and .Net de-configuration to verify.I say Yes b