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A Study : Authentication variety of Dynamics CRM (2016 - 365) with multiple domains and external providers(google, hotmail etc)

Hello, I want to share configuration details of multiple LDAP service providers to be used for Dynamics CRM authentication. Fortunately, Dynamics CRM allows us to utilize federative services to authenticate users from multiple channels. Note: Authorization is handled by Dynamics CRM itself.  High Level Architecture: Dynamics CRM is dependent to only one Domain, rests will be leveraged federative services through ADFS by generating STS (Security Token) for Claimbase Authentication instead of Windows Authentication so Dynamics CRM must be installed to  single domain and Internet Facing Deployment must take in place for Dynmaics CRM then  LDAP vendors must integrate with the ADFS of domain which is utilized by Dynamis CRM. In my lab works, Scenario was; Any users who might be under one of the 2 seperated domain controllers internally or  external providers (Hotnail or Gmail etc.,) must login to the Dynamics CRM  successfully. I took Domain A as main and installed Dyn