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an adventure restoring Windows after 3 years

Hi, I just would like to share some tricks, you may need them in future. You should not follow each steps one by one,Just focus on the step the best fitted into your requirements. Couple days ago,i want to do maintenance in my old laptop (Toshiba Satellite Series).The easiest way is; turn it as the first day i bought. Here is step by Step (need 4 GB USB Flash disk and second laptop :)) 1- I backed up all Users directory 2- I figured out,i had a ghost file taken by Norton Ghost in Hiren's Boot CD ( - All in One Bootable CD which has all necessary utilities).I have not got any empty CD to create bootable CD so i have to make bootable USB. Restore from GHOST by Hiren's bootable USB 3- First of all I downloaded Hiren's CD iso file from the web site above. 4- To create bootable USB,insert USB into laptop and set as bootable by 5- Run executable file from zip file 6- Set ap