how to configure LUIS service for ChatBot (Microsoft Bot Framework)

Prerequisties :

  1. LUIS Service :
  2. Bot Project creation :

It is necessary to update “<Project Name>.bot" file in the Visual Studio solution for the LUIS service account (as described bullet 2 above)

Information can be obtained from LUIS application by choosing “Manage” section from the page (as described bullet 1 above):

Append following LUIS service to the .bot file of the project in Visual Studio:
"type": "luis",
"name": "LuisBot",
"appId": "3c4dd5df-e45c-405e-8d48-2faa95918dcc",
"version": "0.1",
"authoringKey": "e38f05d2f3894d9ba38c6158c7ae46c1",
"subscriptionKey": "e38f05d2f3894d9ba38c6158c7ae46c1",
"region": "westus",
"id": "158"

appId from “Application Information” section

authoringKey(=subscriptionKey) and region from “Keys and Endpoints” section
of LUIS Application.



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