error C2065: 'CW2A' : undeclared identifier if atlconv.h is added into project

Selam (Hi in Turkish),

if you get an Error :
'error C2065: 'CW2A' : undeclared identifier'
in your C++ project(either ActiveX) while compiling the line which is included COLE2T statement (#define COLE2T CW2T in atlconv.h).

please check below within your project;

1- Be sure that your project is supported by ATL (if it is ActiveX). To prepare your project for working with ATL , just add class via right click of Project in Microsoft Visual Studio Solution Explorer and select add>class>'Add ATL Support to MFC'.Visual Studio will set up the current project.

2- use statement with ATL:: prefix ( ATL::COLE2T lpszIID(lpszOleIID) ).

Gule Gule (Bye Bye in Turkish).

P.S:Please do not hesitate to share your comments.


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