Development of an ontology based customer management system - My Master Thesis (2016)

 Hello Again,

I have just found that my master thesis is accessible for anyone :) 

Traditional customer relationship management (CRM) system aims to keep information in a structured way in order to track customers. However, these methods do not cover knowledge. 

Developing an ontology-based CRM system provides customer loyalty, customer behavior, customer motivation, and customer characteristics which are not extracted directly from traditional CRM systems. 

In the thesis, CRM ontology offers an ontological approach by generating a metadata. For this purpose, customer-wise RDF (Resource Description Framework) is generated in order to issue meaningful data for customer within all relationships. 

RDF is directly implemented to the structural information of traditional customer relationship management system to expose knowledge from organization.

In addition, data can be found distributed among CRM systems. 

Distributed data may have new meanings when they meet together whilst they have slight different meanings individually in a consistent ontology themselves. 

In this context, it is also focused on new meanings that are revealed by merging distributed data. Data is formed in a triple model for classic CRM objects to reach meanings. It is an implementation of a metadata by applying standardized ontology rule and concepts. 

The framework not only contains hidden meaning in the traditional CRM but also generating new meaning by semantic web rule language (SWRL) over current RDF.

It is Turkish but you can use online translator to translate into your language.

Screenshots from my thesis:

A sample for OWL about Loyality


CRM Ontology application process flow

A sample of Characteristics of Customer