3 lovely days with all versions of Microsoft CRM

I had a vertical solution on MSCRM 1.2 and wanted to update it to the latest version of Dynamics CRM so I started an unforgettable journey which makes me emotional :)

1st -

Install CRM 1.2 to a Virtual Machine and deliver customizations to the CRM 1.2 .
What a great version and UI - a color beam from yellow to blue.
Ribbon was bottom of the page.

Following question deserves to be final one at "who wants to be a millioner";

in Which version of MSCRM can be used with other language rather than English ?

A- MSCRM 1.2
B- MSCRM 4.0
C- MSCRM 2011
D - Dynamics CRM 2016

MSCRM 1.2  (It is a big mystery :))

2nd - Upgrade it to the CRM version 3.0 manually that means repeated all customizations one by one. Blue was dominant with gray touch for UI. Navigation was moved to left of the screen just bottom of treeview.

3rd - transform the vertical solution to the Version 4.0. UI is similiar with 3.0, Just cosmetic touches but blue was a lot with yellow and white.

4rd - convert to the CRM 2011, UI was getting closer to modern styles, full utilized Export/Import entities through a solution, Big thanks to the feature developers :)

smoothly moving to 2013 -> 2015 -> 2016 -> 365 respectively.

3 lovely days for me ...

I will add screenshots so stay tuned .


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