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MyJobApplicationExe is free tool who wants to track Job Applications and Contracts in order to find a position or opportunity immediately by organizing;

Clients – Agents – Head-hunters – Job-Opportunity Advertisement – Activities

It is a Windows Form application top of .NET Framework 4.8.

Application does not use any databases but only windows file structure repository.

Application deliveries Main form which defines all functionalities and capabilities, monitoring that displays Follow-ups as a reminder.

You can create Job Application and related activities to track position/opportunity quickly through couple shortcuts and tips.

Application Overview

You can create 4 types of entities to meet finding a contract/position:
·         Application: Job advertisement.
·         Activity: contact with advertiser.
·         Company: an organization which opens advertisement.
·         Contact: who should be kept in touch.

User Guide

There are 2 forms come with the application

FollowUp (FollowUp.exe)

It displays only FollowUp activities for closely tracking the application
Figure 1: Main screen of FollowUp
Tips: It is highly recommended to add it to the Windows Startup (search internet for instruction)


It is main forms of the application and consists of 3 sections:
1.       “Tree View” lists open or closed applications and FollowUp type activities. Meanwhile it groups job applications and activities into advertiser, company, regarding, status (open, closed)
2.       “Search” finds given text in the any applications and activities in repository. It is context search and help the user to reach any records quickly.
Search has auto-complete feature thus, once you type a letter, Application displays possible values. It is valid for multiple word entry such as if you have couple search criterias, just type characters, System automatically finds proper values then when you click “space” in your keyboard another hint will occur finally click “Search” to see all matching records.
3.       Display application or activity is designed to display selected record details. It can be either job application or activities.

Figure 2: Main form of My Job Application

Create Job Application

Follow the steps to create new record:
1.       Open application
2.       Expand “My Job Application” from the tree then select “Applications” leaf.
3.       Right-Click to mouse to the selected node and select “Apply for a Job”
Figure 3: Job Application Creation

4.       A form will display in the right section of the window.

Figure 4: Job Application Form

5.       Copy and paste advertisement to the URL first, if the job advertisement is published in internet. System automatically fetch the body. You can use it as a shortcuts of filling rest of the items.
6.       Add CV that you are used for the application through “Browse”. There may have couple resumes based on role(s) that is applying.
7.       Fill all items respectively then click Save.
Note: Company and Contact text area have auto-fill feature so when you type any char, system searches against any previous record for recommendation.

Create Activity

Follow the below steps to create activity, it can be related with job application or any contacts (advertisers):
1.       Open My Job Application
2.       Expand root of the Tree view in the left
3.       Select Activities node
4.       Right-click to the selected area and click “Add Activity”

Figure 5: Add Activity

5.       Activity Form will display then select type of activity. It is configurable so you can add new type (Ref: Technical section)
6.       Fill fields then click save button.
Regarding and contact sections are auto-completed.
for example:
if the activity is about any existing Job Applications, just type few characters of the Job application then select from the list.

Figure 6: Activity Form

Follow Up

If you want to keep closer to any applications you can use the feature. Just select the “Open” Job Application from the tree view then click Job Application where you want to pin FollowUp after that right click to the selected node finally click “Create FollowUps” from the menu.
FollowUp is a specific type of Activities so form is exactly same with activity.

Figure 7: Create FollowUps

Figure 8: FollowUp - specific- type of Activity

Look at guide in pdf for full instruction and technical details from following link : Instruction Guide.pdf


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