Create Resource Group in Microsoft CRM via SDK


if you create a resource in crm, use ConstraintBasedGroup class.
here is a sample code ;

    //get current Resource Group
    List resourcegroupS = context.ConstraintBasedGroupSet.Where(rg => rg.Name == " ").ToList();
    if (resourcegroupS.Count <= 0) //if exists
                        //create resource group:
                        resourcegroupDriver = new ConstraintBasedGroup
                            BusinessUnitId = new EntityReference(BusinessUnit.EntityLogicalName, businessunit.Id),
                            Name = "Drivers : " + businessunit.Name,
                            Constraints = builder.ToString(),
                            GroupTypeCode = new OptionSetValue(ConstraintBasedGroupTypeCode.Static),

                        xxx.Id = _serviceProxy.Create(resourcegroupDriver);

if you need more information about 'context' and '_serviceProxy' objects in the sample code.Please follow :


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