create connections between two entities with Late Binding in Microsoft CRM 2011


I would like to share benefits of connections in Microsoft CRM 2011 and how to build connection in 2 Entities by LateBinding.
Connected entities may be both Custom or System.

here is how the SDK describes the benefits of Connections
Connections provide the following capabilities:
  • An easy and flexible way to make a connection between two records of most Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity types. All customizable business and custom entities can be enabled for connections.
  • An option to add useful information, such as description of the connection and the duration.
  • An ability to create connection roles that describe the relationship between the two records, such as a relationship between a doctor and a patient, or a manager and an employee.
  • A quick way to create multiple connections and roles for a particular record. For example, a contact may have many relationships with other contacts, accounts or contracts. In each relationship a contact may play a different role.
  • Information for building queries and creating graphs. You can search for all connections and connection roles for a particular record and create graphs and charts for visual representation of the connections.
  • Support for workflows and auditing for automating and improving the business processes.
Here is the codes written in C#

                        Connection connectEntities = new Connection {
                            Record1Id = new EntityReference(.EntityLogicalName, .Id),
                            Record1RoleId = new EntityReference(ConnectionRole.EntityLogicalName, new Guid()),
                            Record2Id = new EntityReference(.EntityLogicalName, .Id),
                            Record2RoleId = new EntityReference(ConnectionRole.EntityLogicalName, new Guid()),
                        // Execute with OrganizationServiceProxy.                        // you can get more details about how to initialize  OrganizationServiceProxy from this blog posts.

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