how to execute query from VBScript in script two state monitor SCOM

here is code :

'define and create objects for passing values in 2 state to SCOM
Dim oAPI, oBag
Set oAPI = CreateObject("MOM.ScriptAPI")
Set oBag = oAPI.CreatePropertyBag()

Set cnt = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
cnt.Open StrConnect

set recordSet = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
SQLStr = " select * from .... "

recordSet.Open SQLStr, cnt,1,1

TotalRecords = recordSet.RecordCount

recordSet.Close : set recordSet = nothing
cnt.Close : set cnt = nothing

'We have to handle Status value from SCOM and create rule for each state
If TotalRecords >= 0 Then
Call oBag.AddValue("Status","ERROR")
Call oBag.AddValue("Status","OK")
End If

Call oAPI.Return(oBag)


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